July 23, 2014 at 9:01 am

News & Updates

Community Forums Available January 11, 2014

The community forums are now available to all users. To post, you must be logged in to your account. Actions include create topic, reply, quote other users, and edit your own posts.

Member Registration Available January 11, 2014

As of November, 2013, users can now create a personal account. Creating an account only takes a minute and requires that you use your real email address in order to confirm your account. After registration is complete, you will have access to post on the forums.

Recent Forum Posts

Mike created a new topic "Report Problems Here" in the Feedback and Suggestions category.

Mike created a new topic "What is Your Favorite Movie?" in the General Discussion category.

Change Log

- Prevent multiple submissions.
- Pagination.
- 1,000 character limit.
- News posts.
- Option to Delete and Empty Categories.
- Fixed saving changes.
- Reply+Quote: Jump to post & page.

To-do List

- Query for topics order by newest topic and newest reply.
- After edit, return to correct page of changed post.
- Free query results.
- Functions to sanitize input.
- Manage Settings page.